About Us

The UK Synaesthesia Association (UKSA), under its original guise as the International Synaesthesia Association (ISA), was formed in 1989 making it the world’s first organised association for the synaesthesia “community”. The brain-child of pioneering synaesthesia researchers Professor Simon Baron-Cohen and John Harrison at Cambridge University, it’s purpose was to bring together researchers and subjects in an environment where they could freely swap information. It was very simply a list of synaesthete’s connected to a list of synaesthesia researchers.

Mission Statement

- The UK Synaesthesia Association is run by and for people with an interest in synaesthesia.

- We can put synaesthetes in touch with scientists and academics in various areas of ongoing research.

- Through our membership we actively encourage involvement in a wide range of activities.

- We publish a quarterly newsletter for which members may submit articles, artwork, reviews, etc.

- We also hold an annual synaesthesia conference which all our members are invited to attend.

- We aim to provide information for synaesthetes, academics, scientists, artists, writers, musicians, researchers and journalists.