Welcome to the Synaesthesia Gallery!

Images influenced by an individual's synaesthesia (created by synaesthetes).

Painting of swirling patterns.

A holiday within (Timothy Layden).

This is an image a representation of a range of sound shapes I experienced with the experimental music created for my first album with my band Algae Magnet (

Patterns in black, blue, red, yellow and white with various textures.

Colors for Sounds (1) (Gaby Cardoso).

Free Painting, with free colors for then create a song for its colours.

Mustard yellow, black, white and red patterns.

Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd), (Gaby Cardoso).

My colors of sounds of the song.

Yellow, black, blue and red patterns.

Colors for Sounds (2) (Gaby Gardoso).

Painted with free colours for then create a music track.

Watercolor Voice (Renu Arora, 2018).

I have Grapheme-Color synesthaesia and chromesthesia (colour/music). This was the image that flooded my mind one afternoon whilst I was singing ‘Over the Rainbow’. I’m a singer/actor/writer & I love seeing the kaleidoscope of colours that flood my senses when I sing/teach others to sing or make music. It’s a gift & I wouldn’t be without it.

Colourful butterly with hearts.

Chakra Butterfly (Sue Johnson).

I have lexical-gustatory synaesthesia and I painted this following a meditation to do with colour, the chakras and the senses.

Images depicting an individual's synaesthesia (created by synaesthetes).

Color Splash (Jose Angel Bravo Cuño, 2021).

This photography was created listening Mozart Symphony Nº 40 G minor and inspired after reading the colors of Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica by Isaac Newton.

Pixies (Jose Angel Bravo Cuño, 2019).

This picture is from Synaesthesia series when I knew that I could capture the colors of the music catching the light using a photo camera. The title is because the rock band Pixies is Pink in graphema color.

The Alphabet In My Head (Erin Doogan, 2020).

This is what the alphabet looks like in my head. It depicts what colour the words in my head may be.

Yellow, red and blue face.

Cian (Gaby Cardoso song), (Gaby Cardoso).

It has all the colours for my own song called Cian.

Text written with letters in specific colours.

Dear Hazel (Mike Holden, 2020).

Description: The colours are only approximate due to limitations of Microsoft Word. I have used a grey background as some of my characters are white. I have had this experience ever since I learned to read and write. I also have 3D and colour representations of number-line, week, month and year, as well as sensations which I cannot describe when exposed to certain shapes, sounds and situations.