Media Requests and Interviews

We are happy to receive interview and media requests. While the UKSA team can’t always personally partake, we are usually able to connect those who contact us with synaesthetes or researchers through our Facebook page or mailing list. However, please understand that under the General Data Protection Regulation we cannot provide members’ contact information without their permission. Therefore, we kindly request that members of the press who wish to interview synaesthetes provide adequate advance notice (ideally one week) to allow interviews to be arranged in a timely fashion. This is particularly important when trying to locate an interviewee with a particular form of synaesthesia and/or an interviewee in a particular location, especially if it is outside a major urban centre. If your deadline is sooner, we will do our best to assist but please understand that it is not always possible to find an interviewee at short notice.

For interview requests specifically for the UKSA, please contact James Wannerton at