Submit your images

Want to show off your synaesthetic experiences or art?

We have a new updated website and would like to showcase some of your synaesthesia images!

Image suggestions are;

  • Depictions of what your synaesthesia is like. This could be diagrams, illustrations etc.
  • Art influenced by your synaesthesia. For example, a painting that is influenced by your synaesthesia but doesn’t show what you exactly experience.
  • Images based on information you have learnt about synaesthesia. For example, an edited photograph that shows how some peoples senses are linked.


There are no restrictions on the medium used to create them. Paint, pen, collage, photography, digital illustration… use whatever you like. Images must however be submitted digitally. Please submit a high quality photograph, scan or export of your image.

How it works…

Submit your digital images using form below. Selected images may be used by the UKSA, such as being posted on the UKSA website for all to see!

Images must be influenced by, or related to synaesthesia. People must be 18 years old and the creator of the image to submit it to the UKSA. Images used within an image (such as photographs) must also be owned by the image creator. The image creator retains the rights to their image. The image creator will be credited alongside the image (name and year of creation). We may also include information about the image that you share with us (such as title of image, how you created it, how it represents your synaesthesia or what synaesthesia you have). There is no deadline for submission.

In the event that you change your mind and no longer want your image used, please contact us at

Email address will not be shared or posted along with your image.
Accepted formats are png, jpg and pdf.
What do you want the image to be called?
What year did you make the image?
Tell us a bit about your image. Such as what synaesthesia you experience, what triggered the image or how synaesthesia is represented. Please note this information may be included along with the image.
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