American Synesthesia Association.

Artecitta Foundation International (Spain).

Deutsche Synästhesie-Gesellschaft e.V. (Germany).

The Canadian Synesthesia Association.

The International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists.

The Russian Synaesthesia Association.

Banissy Lab, Goldsmiths University of London.

Synaesthesia Research, University of Sussex.

Synaesthesia Research Laboratory, Brunel University.


Dr. Hugo Heyrman.

Museum of the Mind. A list of synaesthesia resources.

Richard E. Cytowic. Richard Cytowic is a synaesthesia researcher.

Synesthesia. Karen Whittingham’s website (Australia).

Synesthesia. Sean Day’s Synesthesia Website (USA). Maintains the most up to date list of types of synaesthesia among other resources.

Synesthesia and the Synesthetic Experience. Contains interviews with synaesthetes.

Synesthesia Artforum.

Synaesthesia links.

Synesthetics. Synesthesia in Art and Science (Netherlands).

The Synesthesia Community. A webring of mainly synaesthetes personal websites.

Vox Synaesthetica. Reflections on synaesthesia.